Huskies Ranked 261 in College Baseball Today Top 298 Power Rankings

Top 25? Top 40? Pshaw! As I’ve told you guys before, it doesn’t make sense to just rank the Top 25, 40 or 100 teams and leave out the other couple hundred teams. Like putting wine spritzer in my hand, it goes against my nature. So since the season will be here quicker than you can say Trea Turner just stole 2nd base, I thought I’d give you a lay of the land for the 2013 season and rank from good to bad, pretty to ugly, nuts to soup, the 1-through-298 teams in all-inclusive order.

Welcome to the 2013 season everyone. Dig your cleats in. Get a grip. Then let ‘er rip. Read all 298 Power Rankings



Only three starters in the field and no weekenders on the mound makes the performance of OF/RHP Alex Klonowski (.280 & 3-1, 5.47) so valuable to this teams chances.

Source: College Baseball Today


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